Monday, May 2, 2011

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Legend of the Five Rings

's World Rokugan is a mixture of feudal Japan and China. Set in an era of honorable samurai who serve their feudal lords (daimyo) and the empire. In this world of familiar names take precedence over personal. Akor Toturi family would be someone named Toturi Akor.

Rokugan is separated by a series of features called major clans. Each clan gathers thousands of Samurai on a common philosophy of life, war and culture. While all clans seek to serve the empire, there is a degree of rivalry between them. And over the years many of the major clans have led to rivalries with other factions. While clans cooperate against powerful enemies of the empire, the great samurai clans fight among themselves with some regularity between them. Of course, these Samurai stand aside these differences as a major threat appears on the Horizon.

A note to women: If we add the prefix Samurai-ko, then we refer to a woman. For example, if we see Samurai-ko, this shows that we refer to a woman.

A note on trade in Rokugan: the Samurai is assumed that they should not give importance to worldly possessions, especially money. A Samurai pays a villager as if money did not have significance, as a concession to the needs of this silly. Among Samurai, the exchange of money or merchandise is an exchange of "gifts."

With this quickstart We can figure out how this new edition, it contains basic rules to start playing, and a home affair, though not everything is hunky-dory as it is in English .

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